Driveservice Poggiofiorito, providing excellence to Carraro Spare Parts

From a factory dedicated to gear manufacturing, the Carraro plant in Poggiofiorito (now Driveservice) was completely redesigned until it became, in early 2019, a logistic hub for the management and distribution of a broad range of spare parts intended for various types of Carraro transmission systems.

Today the site, which aims to become a centre of excellence also for the assembly of and 360° service for Carraro spare parts, has gradually implemented various activities with high added value.

More specifically, starting from spring 2019 the oiling and waxing process of mechanical parts became incorporated in-house. Today these operations are performed internally through two systems – one automatic and the other manual, for bulky parts – for almost all of the components that require treatment.

In order to further reduce delivery times and improve the quality control process, pre-assembly of almost all wheel hubs, planetary carriers, wheel carriers, differential housings, swivel housings and wheel shafts are also managed internally.

Finally, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility and to provide a personalised service to both OEM customers and end users, the packaging process has been made semi-automatic and options for customised packaging have been developed further.

Thanks to all these insourcing activities – which have led to greater control over the operating phases and processes – the level of service to our customers has significantly improved. But a further investment plan aimed at achieving even more ambitious targets for excellence is currently being developed.


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