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Produits et Services

Beyond Carraro: Cabin filters

Beyond Carraro: Cabin filters

For agricultural and construction equipment vehicles

Comfort inside the cabin is becoming an increasingly indispensable value. Requests by users for the installation of safe and technologically advanced air filters are much more frequent, in order to work in a healthy and comfortable environment.

To offer the users of its tractors the best that’s on the market, Carraro started a collaboration with the company euroGIELLE, specialised in the design and production of cabin filters and customised solutions. Thanks to this agreement, a wide selection of cabin filters for agricultural and construction equipment vehicles became part of the Beyond Carraro range.

Manufactured with appropriate materials to guarantee:

  • high performance;
  • total interchangeability with the original;
  • high resistance to wear & tear and humidity.

Advantages of using synthetic fibers compared to traditional paper:

  • Poor absorption of water, then:
    - less bacterial growth and better hygiene;
    - less decay and longer life;
    - less deformation in wet conditions.
  • No spread of flame and low toxicity in case of fire
  • Greater capacity for accumulation of dust, thanks to the softness and porosity of the material
  • Better use of the filter surface, thanks to the equidistant pleats.

Beyond cabin filters

Product lines

The cabin filters range is currently made up of two lines:

  • Active Carbon in granules designed in two filtration stages. The first is in high efficiency pleated fibre, the second is a layer of activated carbon in granules in order to give maximum performance against dust, aerosol and vapours.
  • Fibre, synthetic-fibre filter designed to give maximum performance in comfort and safety against dust and pollen.

The BacterStop product line includes the next generation cabin filters that neutralise more than 99% of bacteria and allergens and prevent the growth of moulds.

Common cabin air filters are meant to block only pollen and dust. Bacteria and allergens manage to get inside the cabin causing allergic reactions, asthma and headaches.
A Bacterstop filter:

  • neutralizes more than 99% of bacteria and allergens;
  • prevents the growth of moulds and fungi;
  • provides the most effective performance proven by lab tests;
  • increases the well-being inside the cabin;
  • protects the air conditioning system.

BacterStop filters are available as aftermarket parts for all Carraro Tractors Agricube models and for the most popular tractors, in activated carbon and fibre versions.

For more information, please contact the Carraro distributor close to your business!

Beyond Bacterstop


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