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CarraroOil lubricants: new product lines

Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts is glad to inform you that the range of CarraroOil lubricants has been extended.

The product line “Power Life Lub” for axles and transmissions now includes 3 products:

  • Universal 80W for groups composed of friction material (brakes clutches and self-locking materials)
  • 80W-90 for purely mechanical groups
  • 85W-140 (NEW) for axles and transmissions which require high viscosity

We also have 2 new lines of lubricants:

  • Gear Life Lub C220 (NEW) the synthetic lubricant for drives and gearboxes, approved for O&K Antriebstechnik drives.
  • Engine TurboLub 10W-40 (NEW) the engine oil for commercial, agricultural and construction equipment vehicles.

For more information please contact the Carraro distributors listed at this link.


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