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Carraro and the tractor of the future at TAG Padova

Marathon of ideas and projects proposed by young talents on 26th-27th September

Carraro Tractors, a Carraro Group brand, is entrusting Azzurro Digitale, a start-up in Padua, to generate new ideas and stimulate creativity for the conceptualisation of the ‘tractor 2.0’.

The Group, which has always centred its activity on innovation, has decided to embark on this path that follows the new ‘Blue Wave’ Open Innovation methodology format in order to come into contact with and involve new talent in the company and to enter into an original network of innovation and creativity.

This format - created by Azzurro Digitale - calls for 24 hours of continuous work during which young talent from the completely different sectors of marketing, communications and design, will be led by strategic consultants in the processing and development of new ideas and prototypes for the conceptualisation of the tractor of the future. The young people are to be carefully selected from diverse entities such as CUOA, Scuola Italiana Design of Padova and Aiesec.

"Blue Wave provides us with an excellent opportunity to gather fresh ideas, which do not originate from traditional fields, regarding how the tractor of the near future can be conceptualised," said Stefano Image, Business Head of Carraro Tractors. “We have decided not to ask specialists or pure technicians because through Blue Wave we can obtain a completely different point of view than what might seem obvious."

"We believe that with Open Innovation and the support of the consultants that will accompany the teams, this two-day marathon will have what it takes for us to gather interesting starting points that can be transformed into practical action items right from the beginning," added the Manager of Carraro Tractors. "Our first objective is to develop our presence on the Internet, keeping in mind the different audiences that we turn to and the need to establish a new type of dialogue."

The event will take place at Talent Garden Padova (TAG) in via Croce Rossa 36 at the weekend of 26-27 September.

Here attached the article of today, 30 July 2015, published in the newspaper "Il Gazzettino" of Padova.


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