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Carraro Academy in May 2016: technical training in Brazil and USA

May has been a busy month, full of training sessions. In total 35 people have been involved, including Carraro spare parts distributors and their customers (dealers and workshops):

First session (10-12 May) on Carraro transmissions for construction equipment (TLB2 and TLB1 SPS) and material handling (EC 50). It was held in Cleveland (OH) USA at the workshop of the distributor Joseph Industries.

Second session (13 May) on Carraro industrial and agricultural axles, at US Parts Locators (Miami, FL – USA) location.

Third session (17-18 May), where 21 people have been trained on the industrial and agricultural axles at the workshop of the distributor Encopel Comércio de Peças and Máquinas (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts, through technical training program, supports the professional growth of those repairs Carraro products, ensuring an adequate and professional assistance.


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