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7th Worldwide Spare Partners Meeting: let’s go beyond!

On 22 and 23 September Carraro After Sales &Spare Parts hosted, near Brindisi (Puglia), the 7th Worldwide Spare Partners Meeting with the participation of 34 Carraro spare parts distributors coming from 25 different Countries.

Once again it was a pleasure to listen to as many as 18 different languages exchanging views on our service targets and after sales. Once again we found ourselves together to build our path and this time with a clear motto: let’s go beyond!

As it happened 2 years ago in Catania, in this 2 days in Puglia Carraro team and its sales network were together in the classroom, sharing updates on the state of the business, but also dedicating to other edutainment activities.

During the first day we also heard the testimony of 2 of our distributor, Joao Pedro Pires of Socimavis (Portugal) and Cemile İpar Polat of Cozum Makina (Turkey), who had the opportunity to describe their approach to the market. Valuable moments for everyone, but in particular also for other distributors who could find interesting ideas by these benchmarks. The second day saw the presence of an external testimonial, Ivan Ortenzi – CEO of Ars et Inventio one of the most interesting Italian reality in innovation consultancy, who led the participants through a path to understand what it really means innovate.

In the afternoons of both days specific activities of team building by “Carraro flavor” were held.

The first day we have been committed to pasta building, and it is precisely with such material that each team has competed, passing through some technical questions proposed by the jury, to build some landscapes focused on Carraro business, which are the ideal Carraro spare parts warehouse, the farm of the future and the ideal Carraro service center. On the second day, teams have become protagonists of a mini-spot and they had to play their part in the best way to tell some of Carraro products and solutions: CarraroOil, Carraro Energy battery, Carraro online shop, the Agricube tractor, Atlantic components and finally the Academy e-learning platform.

All challenges not easy, but essential to give more strength to our team. And especially to go beyond!


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