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Technical Training

Technical Training

The training program Carraro Academy

Carraro Academy training programme, whose goal is to coach the distributors network and professionals on repairs and maintenance operations of all Carraro products, includes both Academy e-learning platform available online on and classroom technical training.

The latter training sessions, hold by highly skilled technicians, are organized in more sessions during the year in the Carraro Group production plants or at the Carraro distributors site. Theoretical lessons, practical tests of assembly and disassembly of Carraro products, search for the causes of a problem about the products (troubleshooting) by applying logical and systematic problem-solving techniques, updates on new products and solutions: all to ensure adequate assistance and reliable support. Classroom training are also an indispensable opportunity for exchange of skills and growth that allow us to establish direct contact with the distributors network and also between them.

Carraro technical courses are addressed to all distributors, dealers, workshops and industry professionals who want to be always updated on Carraro products and services.