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Professional work bench

Professional work bench

The workbench professional designed and patented by Carraro

To guarantee high standards and qualified repair and maintenance,Carraro also provides all workshops with the professional work bench, designed and patented by Carraro, which can be assembled in different layouts and accommodates and sustains all types of Carraro axles and transmissions.

What are the advantages?

  • Safe and ergonomic maintenance
    The bench facilitates maintenance and allows operating in conditions of total safety and ergonomics
  • Stability
    It can be fixed directly to the floor of the workshop to give proper stability during maintenance activities
  • Flexibility
    Thanks to the stabilizer bars, which are part of the optionals available, the bench can be moved inside the workshop or outside towards the end user location
  • Versatility
    Adding/replacing different modules it is possible to extend the maintenance operations to all Carraro products (axles, transmissions and part of them)

Carraro professional work bench