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Our commitment to sustainability

Packaging represents a delicate and important phase of our process. Two aspects are crucial for us and deserve special attention: the product and the planet. The packaging must safely and optimally protect the product and at the same time be designed to minimize environmental impact.

What does it mean for us?

- tailored and protective packaging solutions to make the product safe
- protection of mechanical parts from damage caused by corrosion during transport and storage

- modular packaging to optimize space and reduce filling material to protect the parts
- reduction of plastic and use of recycled and recyclable materials
- Customer Ready Packaging: our packaging accompanies the part to the user with a clear reduction in waste

Guarantee of genuine spare parts
- the original packaging and the presence of the label with the Carraro logo and hologram are the guarantee that the customer is using the original product designed and made to guarantee the realiability and performance of the vechicle over time

And we don't stop here. Innovation and research into solutions and materials for sustainable packaging continues.

Carraro CSR Packaging 1

Carraro CSR Packaging 2

Carraro CSR Packaging 3

Carraro CSR Packaging 4