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Products and services

Easy Lub

Easy Lub

The centralized lubrication kit Easy LubTM

Easy LubTM comes from the cooperation between Carraro and Lincoln. It is the solution to guarantee the correct greasing of steering and suspended axles. This kit, made of a divider and a ad-hoc system of high pressure pipes, allows the right quantity of lubricant to fastly and simultaneously reach all of the critical joints of the axle.


While a standard steering axle has few greasing point, an axle with independent suspensions can have up to 24. With Easy LubTM you will have just two greasing points, in the most complex solution: you avoid to clean all the greasers and can save more than an hour for the greasing operation.

Easy LubTM, through the divider and the patented system of valves and pistons, is able to provide the right quantity of grease in every joint, thus eliminating any possible waste of lubricant.

Thanks to the correct and continuous lubrication, Easy LubTM helps you to maximize the correct axle performance; improving the axle efficiency and durability, you will lenghten your machine’s life as well.

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