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Customer Ready Packaging

Customer Ready Packaging

A responsible choice!

The quality of the packaging has always been one of the main points of excellence of Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts service.

Flexibility, experience in logistics and targeted investments now allow us to offer our customers customized packaging solutions.
It is undoubtedly an opportunity, the outcome of a constant dialogue with our customers, to be seized to further reduce delivery times to the end customer
Looking at the whole production chain, the optimization of resources and processes also results in a lower environmental impact. The customized packaging with the brand and the identification label follows the part up to the user with a clear reduction of waste. 

We made a video to present this project…

We are in a farm where the end customer promptly received a package, our story’s protagonist, containing the part he was waiting for. 
But let’s start from the beginning and look back our protagonist’s journey together. We then move to our logistics hub in Poggiofiorito to show you where everything originates, from order processing to shipment to Argo Tractors.

Now let’s get back to our end customer who, satisfied, can resume his activities. The downtime of his Landini has been minimized.
He does not know that the package was made at the beginning of the process, directly by Carraro with many appreciable benefits: reduced process times and costs, but above all a clear reduction in waste and a lower environmental impact. 

This is our Customer Ready Packaging, a responsible choice that ensures a sustainable business model of consumption and production

Now, enjoy the video!