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Products and services

Carraro Spare Parts

Carraro Spare Parts

Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts is the Carraro Group’s centre of excellence

Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts is the Carraro Group’s centre of excellence for managing and distributing original spare parts all over the world in order to guarantee total reliability for Carraro products. The product range is designed to provide solutions for a wide range of applications: from construction equipment to agricultural tractors, from light commercial vehicles to forklifts.

Over 60.000 part numbers, components of transmission systems (axles and transmissions) and special tractors (light-utility, vineyard and orchard) up to 100 HP, used by more than 100 OEM’s, are managed in dedicated Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts warehouses.


How to recognize a Carraro product


The metallic plate on axle or transmission is the first way to identify Carraro products.

If there is no identification plate, the five-digits number in relief on the castings will allow us to go back to the finished product and, therefore, to suggest you the correct spare part. 

Spare parts kit for Carraro products repair and maintenance

Carraro repair kits include all the original parts necessary to restore the product to working order. Thanks to this solution, the user needs no longer worry about preparing a “shopping list”, but can order using a single code and be sure of receiving all that he needs, while saving time and money.

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