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Products and services

Carraro Reman

Carraro Reman

The program "remanufacturing" Carraro available to its customers

Remanufacturing” is one of the options Carraro now offers its customers. Through this programme, customers can now replace a damaged axle or transmission  with a new product but which is made from used components returned from the field, which have undergone a strict evaluation, repair and test process as if they were new production components.

Recovering components, this programme provides the market with a more economical solution compared to the completely new product and meets the increasing need for protection of our environment, thanks to the recovery of parts which would otherwise be re-melted, processed and transported, with negative consequences for our planet.

Compared to new, a “regenerated” product can provide a number of clear advantages:

- Saving time & money: because delivery can take place almost in real-time, minimizing burdensome machine downtimes

- Maintaining component value: each component replaced with a “reman” product is analysed and valued at the invoicing level

- Quality guaranteed: because all regenerated products are made with original Carraro components

- Manufacture’s guarantee: because it’s always a Carraro product

- 100% tested products: because every product is validated by us according to our Quality standards

- Products “as new”: because these are components remanufactured according to the precise Carraro design specifications

- Environment first: because with a “green” approach we recover and re-exploit casts




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