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Products and services

Carraro DiaGnoSysTM

Carraro DiaGnoSysTM

Advanced diagnostics for agricultural and construction equipment

From the collaboration with Texa, world leader in the design, industrialization and construction of multi-brand diagnostic tools for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles, Carraro DiaGnoSysTM is born.

Developed based on the existing Texa tool “Agri”, Diagnosys is enriched with unique capabilities for the diagnosis of Carraro products and with numerous agricultural and construction equipment applications for which Carraro is solutions provider. Diagnosys also provides diagnosis of engines and transmissions of a range of manufactures of primary international importance.

Diagnosys is yet another new tool that Carraro offers its customers, to strengthen their service capabilities and distinguish themselves from the competition.

carraro diagnosys



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