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A beneficial solution that guarantees reliability!

As a vehicle gets older, the customer's expectations change. Even just getting hold of the original spare part becomes more and more difficult over time.

The new C-Parts line works alongside the main spare parts line, offering customers an alternative when it comes to looking after their vehicles. A cost-effective option for vehicles that have already clocked up a considerable number of working hours, with the performance and reliability that the user expects from the Carraro brand.

The C-Parts line includes a selection of spare parts for earth moving and agriculture, such as gears, double fittings, filters, bearings, seals and pull rods.

This addition to its range enables Carraro to further improve the service it provides, ensuring good performance and availability of the spare part, and offering a solution that allows the vehicle to be used as long as possible.

Why choose C-Parts?

  • Reliability: these parts have been approved by those who know the product inside out.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the advantageous price is in line with the market value of the vehicle and its remaining working lifespan.

How to recognise C-Parts?

"C-Parts" is the Carraro original spare part code, with the letter “E” added at the end:
Carraro original spare part code   25270
C-Parts code   25270E

C-Parts components are available from authorised Carraro distributors. You can rely on them to get the right spare part for your vehicle!

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