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Products and services

Beyond Carraro: Clutches & PTO

Beyond Carraro: Clutches & PTO

For the main European brands in the agricultural sector

Clutches are among the products that earned the Carraro Group great popularity with the industrial sector in the past. Used as original equipment by John Deere, Landini and many other manufacturers, they gave way over time to the group's increasing focus on the production of transmissions, axles and complete systems.

The designs and the equipment were entrusted to a partner in Turkey, which currently supplies all the clutches distributed by Carraro. Over time we added numerous other products, alongside Carraro original products, as alternatives to the original equipment of the main European brands.

Despite these being alternative products, Carraro can rely on an optimal, verified manufacturing process – thanks to its own experience and that of its partner – offering customers the best alternative possible in terms of both price and reliability.

The friction materials used are in line with Carraro standards.

As with other products, clutches are also ordinarily managed in stock.

For more information, please contact the Carraro distributor close to your business!

Carraro Beyond Frizioni e dischi PTO


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