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Automatic hooks

Automatic hooks

For agricultural tractors lower arms

The automatic hooks are another product that Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts offers its customers, through the distribution network, with the goal of providing the highest level of comfort and productivity.
This accessory allows you to connect and disconnect any equipment to the tractor without manual intervention. Comfortably from the driver’s seat it is possible to perform these tasks easily and safely.


More productivity, less effort
The coupling and uncoupling take place comfortably seated in the driving seat, allowing to optimize the working times.

Designed “ad hoc”
The hooks guarantees the safe and quick coupling, in the respect of the degrees of freedom of oscillation for each tractor category with the corresponding work equipment. In all possible positions that the hook of the hook at work, it does not produce interference with the equipment.

The hooks are provided with a total anti-release safety system. The release takes place only by means of mechanical action deliberately set.
Severe tests of use have enabled us to ensure that the system is safe in any setting and with any tool.

The hooks are compact, durable and protected against external agents.

Easy Maintenance
The control devices of the hook, closed within the same hook, can easily be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in a short time.

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