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Rotocar rotary plough

Rotocar rotary plough

An alternative to traditional ploughing, especially suitable for working in the greenhouse and between rows

The Rotocar rotary plough comes from the collaboration between Carraro and Farmtec, an Italian company specialised in ploughing equipment. This new device can work in every type of soil, and in all conditions (extremely dry or wet soil).

How it works

The special moulded-profile spades on the Rotocar break the soil up and turn it over at the same time, maintaining its structure but without creating any smearing effect. In addition, they remove any clods of soil in the structure, thereby improving the water drainage and storage capacity whilst maintaining the capillary form. By using the tractor power in a more rational way, efficiency levels are much higher than with a traditional plough and this in turn reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear. In very wet soil, where a traditional plough is unable to work, rotary ploughs push the tractor forward and allow simultaneous tillage.


  • Possibility to reach the same ploughing depth yet maintaining the soil level in its original state, without grooves
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Drastically reduced number of work phases on the ground
  • Possibility to work quickly on difficult soils
  • Better weed control, especially if you use mechanical methods (for biological cultivation), because the weeds grow in a uniform manner and also because the soil profile allows you to eliminate weeds by working just a few cm down
  • Mixing of organic matter into all the worked soil layer, offering the possibility of a series of consecutive cultivations
  • Reduced costs without sacrificing the working depth, reducing the degree of compactness of the soil with a single processing

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