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Air Conditioner unit Hy-Gloo

Air Conditioner unit Hy-Gloo

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles

Hy-Gloo is an electric air conditioner independent unit, developed in collaboration with the partner DDPA Distribution Directe Pyrénées Atlantiques sas.

All elements of a conventional vehicle air conditioning system, such as the compressor, condenser fan, filter drier, expansion valve, evaporator and refrigerant gas are part of Hy-Gloo. The quality and reliability of the product and its ability to adapt to the most difficult working conditions are guaranteed by the quality of components, which come from leading suppliers of solid reputation.

Hy-gloo requires just a connection to the battery (12V or 24V) and comes ready to start and is tested before shipment. It is very easy to install.

Two different types of installations are possible:

Split Version (an outer member + an inner member)

It is recommended for equipment operating in difficult conditions, for example construction machinery, agricultural, etc. This version is equipped with automatic connectors in order to separate the two elements without loss of gas for easy mounting.


Hy-gloo Power. Thanks to powerful engine, compressor and evaporator, this unit is designed to work in even the toughest working conditions. Depending on the type of cabin and the space available, you can choose the configuration with vertical or horizontal evaporator.

Monobloc Version (one single piece)


Hy-gloo Monobloc. Being composed of a single piece, this model is particularly suitable when there is no space in the cabin to keep the evaporator.

Carraro Part Number Hy-Gloo Models Evaporators Characteristics
AN150T0102 Hy-gloo Power 12V Horizontal evaporator  750 m3/h
  • Power 3.2 KW
  • More powerful (engine, compressor and evaporator)
AN150T0104 Hy-gloo Power 24V
AN150T0103 Hy-gloo Power 12V Vertical evaporator 600 m3/h
AN150T0105 Hy-gloo Power 24V
AN150T0106 Hy-gloo Monobloc One piece - monobloc
  • Power 3.5 KW
  • No space in the cabin


This product can be installed on various vehicles: heavy machinery, agricultural tractors, mini farm equipment, utility vehicles, trucks, pick-up, etc.

For more information write to indicating the vechicle where you want to install the air conditioner unit Hy-Gloo.


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